Climate rooms

For storage, testing, Research, Development, walk in climate rooms and also for working inside the rooms with inlet air.

We deliver various climate chambers, temperature testing rooms for storing of works of art, for archiving, material testing, storing of seeds, fruit, vegetables, etc.

For construction in halls and also in outskirt area.

For precise simulation of physical, chemical and biological environmental conditions in scientific and industrial laboratories.
According to your own specifications with special parameters for heat, cold, humidity, size, pH controlled, integration connections, outputs, cable feed through and so on.

And with special inside equipment according to your applications and uses like: Shelves, hanging constructions, drawers, storage racks, etc.

  • Individual dimensions and equipment
  • Temperature and humidity according to your requirements
  • With touchscreen controller
  • Individual options for programming and documentation
  • Sandwich elements – white coated steel, stainless steel, plastic, etc.
  • Insulation Polyurethane 80 up to 120 mm
  • Floor, stainless steel, wood with insulation and fiberglass reinforced phenolic resin cover – or without floor
  • Doors, windows, shelves, lights, etc. – all according to customer requirements

Following some examples – of customized constructions.

Walk-in climate room
with 3 separate chambers
for fly cell-culture in University

Temperature range
-5°C to +100°C
humidity 50 to 90%

Small climate cell
For testing of electronic parts

Temperature range
-20°C to +85°C
humidity 50 to 96%

Walk-in climate room with sliding doors, with several chambers for storage of art works.

Temperature range
+20°C to +25°C
humidity 50 to 60%

Walk-in Climate outside room
For research University for
fly cell culture
with 3 separate rooms

Temperature range +10°C to +40°C
Humidity max. 95%

Plant climate walk-in room
With storage racks with special plant lighting for seed testing

Temperature range
-5°C to +45°C
humidity 50 to 90%

Cooling and climate room for storage of seeds, fruits, vegetables

Temperature range
+15°C to +25ºC

Cooling and storage room

Temperature range
+5°C to +25ºC

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