Cooling incubator

We deliver cooling incubators for various applications.

Please ask for special models of MK line according to your demands regarding temperature, size, Co2 connection, cable bushing, Lighting, inside socket, inlet air and outer air connection and so on.

LC Serie Low Cost

Temperature range
+2°C to +45°C ± 0.7

inside volume
model LC 250 to 600l
model LCG with glass door 250 to 500l

This „Low Cost” cooling incubator line offers at a reasonable price a precision digital temperature regulation, with indicates the actual value and the given value and a precision of ± 0.7°C.
A ventilator is used to circulate an even interior temperature. Best quality insulation material ensures economical operation.

MK line – capacious - for highest demands

Temperature range standard
+2°C to +45°C ± 0.5

Inside Volume
600, 800, 1200 and 1500 L

For all models of the MK line:

This cooling incubator line is inside and outside made of high quality stainless steel.

The electronic digital temperature regulation JUMO cTron shows actual value and given value. The insulation material and the exact manufacturing ensures the highest exactness of 0,5°C.

Operation made easy by standard safety circuit, adjustable safety restriction of temperature with fault indicator.

New! Also available with Touchsreen controller and LED lighting.

MK line – NEW! 2 separate temperature rooms in one cooling incubator!

Temperature range standard
+2°C to +45°C

Inside Volume
2×250 or 2×500 L

The Model 300/2 is equipped with 2 doors lying upon each other and the model 600/2 with 2 doors side by side.

Both temperature rooms can be controlled and fitted separate. Available with glass or stainless steel doors.

MK Serie – small

Temperature range standard
+2°C to +45°C ± 0.5
+2°C to +75°C ± 0.5

Inside Volume 50 to 500L

The models 200 up to 400 are deliverable in 3 typs: with stainless steel doors, with glass doors or with both – stainless steel and inside glass door. New! Also available with Touchscreen controller and LED lighting.

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