Plant growth cabinets
Plant test cabinets

For all kinds of plant tests, research, development, produktions, zoology, botany, Arabidopsis research, in vitro propagation and seed testing.

Also with adjustable humidity up to 96%. Even temperature distribution. Reproducible environmental and grwoth conditions, day/night cycles and weekly cycles can be simulated.

Lighting only above, on several levels or side lithing, daylight or spectra according to your spedification.

Of course, we also manufacture devices in customer specific versions for Temperature, size, Co2 connection, penetrations, exhaust air connections, indoor socket, lighting and so on. 


Plant growth cabinet PLG / PLGK 400

Temperature range Standard
+2°C to +40°C or -5°C to +45°C

also with humidity max. 95%
Inside volume 400l

other temperatures available

Our lowest plant growth cabinet with cove light and swivelling side parts.

Digital temperature regulation, even temperature circulation, easy operating, LED daylight lamps, stainless steel inside and outside, inside white for high reflection,
Also with humidity regulation up to max. 95%, thermostat monitoring, automatic switch off of heating and lighting, touchscreen controller.

Plant growth cabinet GC8 and 9 / GCK 8 and 9

Temperature range Standard
-5°C up to +45°C

also available with humidity
up to max. 96%

Other temperatures and sizes on inquiry

Digital temperature regulation, with even temperature circulation, easy operation, LED daylight lamps, inside and outside stainless steel., inside with for high reflection, sidewise to open.
GCK 8 with humidity up to 96%. In water or air controlled version, touchscreen.

Plant growth cabinet PLG / PLGK 600 und 1200 and in special version for Arabidopsis research

Temperature range Standard
+2°C to +40°C ± 0.5
humidity max. 96%

other temperatures available

Inside volume 600, 800, 1200, 1500 l

Different lighting available. Flat light or lighting on several levels, LED daylight lamps, UV-Light ord according to your needs.

The electronic digital temperature regulation JUMO cTron shows actual value and given value or with the ne touchsceern controller. The insulation material and the exact manufacturing ensures the highest exactness of ±0,5°C. With digital humidity regulation of ultrasound humidification.

Operation made easy by standard safety circuit, adjustable safety restriction of temperature with fault indicator. Data logger, USB, software, touchscreen controller and more on inquiry.

Plant growth cabinet GC 13/14 and 15/16

Temperature range Standard
+5°C to +50°C ± 0.5

also with humidity max. 96%

Special big useable room with 32 germination / plant plates with 580×580 or 700×600 mm each, digital temperature regulation.

Lighting with LED daylight tubes, day-/night cycle, water or air cooled.

Plant growth cabinet PLG/PLGK 1000 H

Temperature range Standard
+5°C to +60°C ±

max. 98% humidity

Lighting up to 20.000 lux, adjustable.

Plant growth cabinet with 2 insulated outside doors and 2 insulated inside glass doors.
Centre bar can be removed for bigger objects, Day / night cycle, controlled by LCD operation panel, inside white for high reflection, vertical adjustable air circulation, indirect heating and cooling, upper component can be opened.

Plant growth cabinet
for Quarantine research to plants and other

Temperature range standard
+5°C up to +50°C

Humidity 50% up to 96%

Plant grwoth cabinet modular desinged – optional for quaratine research to plants – therefore the inside thermopane glass door is equiped with two gloves.

Vertical adjustable airflow, indirect heating and cooling, humidifying by ultrasooon hunidifier, inside and outside made lightin over 20.000 Lux, of stainless steel, inside white finished for high illumination effect.

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