Refrigerator / Freezer

We deliver refrigerators and freezers inside and outside made of high quality stainless steel, lookable Doors.

NEW in our line the units 300/2 and 600/2 with 2 separate rooms, each to be adjusted by extra controller.

MK / MV 600 and 1200

Temperature range
MK – Refrigerator
-2°C to +8°C

MV – Freezer
-22°C to -18°C

Inside volume 600 and 1200 l

These high quality stainless steel cabinets are available in 600, 1200, 2 x 300 and 2 x 600 l.

The models 600 und 1000 are optional available with insulated glass doors.

MK / MKV 300/2 and 600/2 with 2 separate rooms

Temperature range
MK 300/2 and 600/2 – Refrigerator
booth rooms -2°C to +8°C

MKV 300/2 and 600/2
Refrigerator and Freezer
one room -2°C to +8°C
one room -22°C to -18°C

NEW in our line the units with separate to controlled rooms.

Both rooms as refrigerator or one roome as freezer and one room as refrigerator. In 2 x 300 and 2 x 600 L.

LC-line with ex-proofed interior

As refrigetaro in 250, 350 and 500l volume. With temperature range from +2°C up to +10°C.
Or as freezer in 350 l volume with temperature range up to -20°C.

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