Animal climate cabinets
Special climate cabinets

the animal climate cabinets for animal husbandry are used in a variety of application e.g. insect breeding and insect research, animal-friendly keeping of laboratory mice and other applications.

With temperature, light and optional humidity adjustable up to 96%, even temperature distribution thanks to adjustable ventilation.

Illumination according to your needs such as surface light only above, surface light on several levels, side lithing oder sight lighting combined with red light.

Programmable with the controller touchscreen 7″ day/night cycles or weekly cycles, graphic display, USB connection, Ethernet, alarm e-mail on mobile phone, programmable also via PC or tablet.

Man options according to your requirements such as activated carbon filters, HEPA 13 and 14 filter, adjustable fan, supply an exhaust air, stainless steel doors, glass doors or glass doors with red foil, potential free contact.


Temperature range
+2°C bis +45°C ± 0.5
also available up to +65°C

Cooling Incubator MKK or
Climate cabinet MKKL with humidity regulation up to
max. 96% (temperature-dependent)

Interior volume
600, 1200 l or to your requirements

Animal Climate Cabinet, Special climate cabinet
For every need the correct device, easy operation, standard controller JUMO diraTron or Touchscrren (with data logger function, USB, pre-progamme about 10 runing progams and other).

Simulated the day night rhythmus. A lot of other lighting possibilities, like Day light, LED, red-light, UV light, sidewise lighting, only at the top or on several levels – according to your needs.

Inlet and outlet air contections, Carbon filter and Hepa filter opt.

Insects, mice and other can be kept in SPF “Specific Pathogen Free” state. Possible with Hepa 13 filter by the inlet air and located the climate cabinet in a clean room.

Stainless steel doors, glass doors – also with transparent red foil.

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