Incubator / Drying oven / Lab oven

Precise drying, heating, tempering, aging, baking, testing and curing with our brood dyring ovens.

For research, pharmacy, development, food chemistry, food analysis, sciene, industry and quality assurance with our Incubators and drying oven at a very good price-performance ratio.

We supply heating ovens and incubators up to +100°C and drying ovens up to +200°C for a wide range of application.

Even temperature distribution by ventilation. Height-adjustable shelves, or with hight load capacity or tailor made shelves and drawers, underframes with guide rolls and much more, Please ask us.

Also available in customer-specific versions for temperature, size, Co2 connection, cable entry, supply and exhaust air connection, indoor socket and much more on request.

Below are our standard models for laboratory heating ovens, laboratory incubators and laboratory drying ovens.

MK line – capacious - for highest demands

Temperature range Standard
up to +45°C ± 0.5

other temperatures on inquiry

inside volume
600 up to 1500 l

For all models of the MK line:

This cooling incubator line is inside and outside made of high quality stainless steel.

The electronic digital temperature regulation JUMO cTron shows actual value and given value. The insulation material and the exact manufacturing ensures the highest exactness of 0,5°C.

Operation made easy by standard safety circuit, adjustable safety restriction of temperature with fault indicator.

MK Serie – small

Temperature range Standard
up to +45°C ± 0.5 and
up to +75°C ± 0.5

inside volume
50 up to 500l

The models 200 up to 400 are deliverable in 3 typs: with stainless steel doors, with glass doors or with both – stainless steel and inside glass door.

HT Line

Temperature range Standard
up to +200°C

inside volume
50 up to 410l

The HT line is equipped with digital temperature regulation with rated/actual value. The special construction of the cabinets, the special insulation material and the digital temperature regulation ensures the highest possible exactness.

Operation made easy by standard safety circuit adjustable safety restriction of temperature with fault indicator and digital temperature regulation. Case and inside made of stainless steel. The operation panel is protected by a lockable lid made of Perspex (only floor-mounted model). An unintentional change of adjustment is therefore not possible.

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