Frost-Defrost-Simulator / Freeze-Thaw-chamber

For determination of freezing resistance by cement paving stones or other cements products.

Available as cabinet, top-opening simulator or big special version.

Freeze Thaw Cabinet MFT600 and 1200

Temperature Range
-20°C to +30°C

Inside Volume 600 and 900l
Or acc. to your Requirements

Fully automated freeze-Thaw-cabinet with prgrammable test procedures like DIN EN13055-1, EN 12390-9. Sturdy cabinet – inside and case stainless steel. Freeze phase with air – thaw phase also with air.

Touchscreen with graphic display, data logger, USB stick, readout by excel. Master-slave system with 1 sensor for controlling and measuring the air regulation and 1 up to 3 sensors for measuring the samples.

Freeze Thaw Chest / Thermoshock chest

Temperature range
-20°C to +30°C

Inside volume from 300l acc. to your requirments

Fully automated freeze-Thaw-Chest with water defrost cycle, Programmable Test Procedures b.E. DIN EN13005-1, EN123909-9, EN1367-1, EN13383 and other.
Evaporator and fan integrated in the lid, water bath with circulation pump and water level control.

Fitted with colour touchscreen program controller with Master-slave-system, graphic display built in data logger and USB Stick.

Master-slave control with 1 sensor measuring and controlling the air regulation and 1 up to 3 sensors for measuring the samples.

Special version custom-made
-20°C zo +30°C
with separate water tank

Fully automated freeze thaw simulator with remote control, touchscreen with master-slave-system, graphic display, data logger, USB stick.

Thaw cycle with preheated water from the tank into the water bath, the water consumption is therefore very low.

For test procedures acc. – for example – DIN EN13055-1, EN123909-9, EB1367-1, EN 13383.

Temperature range -20°C up to +30°C or acc. to your requirments.

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