Mojonnier Analyzer / Moplant Analyzer

For determination of fat and total solids in milk and dairy products. Explosion protected According to VDE 0165 and 0171. Semi-automatic weight-analytic extraction method according to Röse-Gottlieb and Schmid-Bondzinski. Accuracy better than 0,02 %,

Testing time: only 50 minutes! no vapours!

Available also in a smaller version for little laboratories.

This newly developed machine is made of stainless steel and has a long life. S.M.T. Moplant simplifies and rationalises the whole process of extractionmethod and is time-saving, taking into account that all necessary activities like: dissolving extracting, centrifugating, pouring off, evaporating, drying, cooling and weighing can be performed in one place and within the reach.

The component parts in detail:
2 heating plates with steam exhaust
2 vacuum ovens, insulated
2 cooling ovens / refrigerator with inbuilt Cooling plant
extra sensor for regard and measuring of room temperature
1 explosion protected centrifuge for 8, 12 or 16 extraction pipes

Delivery compl. with:
First equipment
8 extraction pipes with stopper
8 fat content aluminum dishes
8 dry matter aluminum dishes.

Please ask for Accessories
Mojonnier Agitator
Dry matter and fat content aluminum dishes
Pipettes and so on.

Mojonnier Agitator

For 4, 6 or 8
Mojonnier pipes

This agitator is used for Mojonnier pipes for determination of fat and total solids in milk and milk products.

Mojonnier Agitator Ex-Protected

also in a new ex-protected version. Connected with the Mojonnier Analyzer via flexible air inlet hose and power supply cable. For 8 Mojonnier tubes.


for determination of fat content and dry matter content in milk and milk products. Aluminum dishes, Mojonnier tubes in two different versions,
Racks for mojonnier tubes in synthetic-material and in stainless steel – NEW – for drying and sterilizing in the oven.

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